Most ordinary diets underestimate the value of dried fruits for weight loss because of their high calorie input. However, their benefits are obvious: they are nutritious and can keep you full for a long time. Among all, there are 9 dried fruits that work best.

Dried apricots can still your hunger for up to 5 hours. They are also rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. 100 g of the product contain only 200 kcal, which makes it one of the best dried fruits for weight loss.

Dates will provide you with the longest satiety. It’s also rich with vitamin B5 that will increase your endurance. With 282 kcal per every 100 g of the product, it’s a good snack for those who want to prevent overeating and one of the most beneficial dried fruits for weight loss.

Pistachios are highly nutritious, containing considerable amount of proteins, vitamins, healthy fats, iron, magnesium etc. 100 g of the product contains 562 kcal, and roughly half a cup of pistachios (~170 kcal) will become a nutritious, tasty snack.

Dried plums (or prunes) contain a lot of dietary fibers that improve intestinal peristalsis, which is the process that helps your body get rid of waste and toxins, promoting weight loss. 100 g of the product contains 240 kcal.

Raisins are one of the most popular dried products for weight loss. Containing iodine, they are a wonderful snack choice for low salt diets. 100 g of the product contain 299 kcal and only 0.5 g of fat.

Cashews are a wonderful choice for weight loss as they are rich in protein and dietary fiber, making you full for longer time. 100 g of the product contain 553 kcal and can provide you with one third of your daily-recommended iron intake and one fifth of vitamin B6.

 Almonds are considered a low calorie snack, although 100 g of the product contain 576 kcal. They’re extremely nutritional so it’s enough to eat only 20-30 g. Almonds help you reduce LDL and nourish your body with vitamin E and monounsaturated fats that promote weight loss.

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